Monday, December 15, 2014

More from the Dickens Fair

After seeing Cathy's great Dickens post I thought I'd better put up my sketches from the day too. The Dickens Fair really is an amazing visual feast for sketchers. In addition to all the roaming characters, there is the Pre-Raphaelite Salon, where Dante Gabriel Rosetti reads his poems as Oscar Wilde and other characters from the period pose in tableaux from the poems.


In the windows of the Dark Garden corset shop, live models pretend to be wax dummies, holding poses long enough for quick sketches.

Here are some musicians and costumed spectators from the show in Mad Sal's Alehouse.

"Fanny" was one of a collection of women calling out bawdy remarks to passersby. She was settled down on the barrel long enough for me to get off a more detailed sketch.

There was a long wait for the ladies bathrooms, so I was able to sketch this woman ahead of me in the line.


  1. Great fun and great sketches. I like that we were in the same place and got completely different characters!

  2. Hello, I am a performer at Dickens and am trying to track down the artist that I saw sketching the Paddy West School of Seamanship on Sat. Dec 20th at our last (6:15pm) show. It was a gentleman in a steampunk inspired top hat that did a wonderful sketch of us all. I tried to stop him before he left but I couldn't catch him. I really would like to get a photo or copy of the sketch for our group. I'm not sure if he is even in this group but there were sketchers all around that day of fair so I assumed he was part of a group event and I'm checking every group I can find. If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated!


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