Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Sketchers: Cathy McAuliffe

Berkeley Firehouse, Ink & watercolor by Cathy McAuliffe

I live in the East Bay and work as a graphic designer in San Francisco. The more time I spend on computers at work, the more I enjoy going out sketching. The best part of sketching for me is the opportunity to take the time to look at things and to really see them.

At the Urban Sketching Symposium in Portland I was overwhelmed by the connections that had been made through Urban Sketchers. I hope our SF Bay group continues to help that dialog grow.
Burnside  Bridge, Portland, Ink & watercolor by Cathy Mcauliffe
Steel Bridge, Portland by Cathy McAuliffe

Cemetery, Oakland by Cathy McAuliffe

Berkeley Fire & Rescue by Cathy McAuliffe

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  1. Jana, your group is always welcome to join the outings of the South Bay Urban Sketchers. I post our monthly meeting on our page --'South Bay Urban Sketchers'. We are not associated with the


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