Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet the Sketchers: Micaela Marsden

Oakland City Hall Tower by Micaela Marsden
I am a graphic designer and artist. I am a native Californian, and have lived near the sea for most of my life. I love the dramatic rocks and tessellating shapes of the coastline, the waves alternatively assaulting and caressing the shore - it's so schizo! Rather like life. 
Benicia Contraption by Micaela Marsden
 Among the dense schedules of life as we know it in the modern world, I try to eke out a little time to paint, sketch, and draw. It's interesting to try to start and finish a drawing while standing on a street corner with people passing by, babies falling on your toes, dogs wagging their tails into your paints... In spite of all this, there is a meditative quality to it, and it feels like you are connecting with your surroundings in some other, special way, like you are recording footsteps of many years past.
Susie's Water Tower by Micaela Marsden
There's always more to learn, and it never gets boring — sometimes it seems like more of a struggle and I want to quit, but then some little thing just works, and reminds me of the reason I ever started - the beauty of a graceful line, the pleasure of capturing a likeness, the calmness of "being in my own space"!

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