Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scenes from a long, long flight

We travelled to India, as we do every other year, to visit family and friends. It's a long, long flight, especially with 2 little kids! Here are some sketches from our flight(s).

I love setting out on a long, long trip. Every plane on the tarmac spells exciting adventures. Even the mundane is new and challenging when I travel with my kids!

On shorter flights, the kids prefer to NOT sit with me: they have seats across the aisle from me and pour over the flight safety manual. Everytime. They're always hoping that just this one time, they get to land on the water!

On longer flights- like our 11.5 hour haul from SFO to Hong Kong- we all sit together. My daughter(on the right) and I go between sketching and sleeping, and my husband and son watch movies nonstop.

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