Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet the Sketchers - Oliver the visual flaneur

Hello fellow sketchers and thanks for having me on this platform!

Let me start with my pen name - visual flaneur. What is that about?

F l a n e u r describes someone who wanders and observes aimlessly, who roams, who travels at a lounging pace.

The figure of the flaneur emerged at the beginning of 19th century Paris. As a detached observer he found inspiration by walking and observing city life.

I embrace both mindset and approach of the flaneur when I go for a walk with my eyes open, ready to draw what catches my attention. I am sure many of you can relate to that!

Sketching relaxes me. It focuses my mind on one thing and connects me to the moment.
I am inspired by people, everyday objects and situations that I encounter. Sometimes I go for larger visual reportages,

For me sketching is a way of capturing life as it happens in front of me. I may include writing in my sketches: a fragment of a conversation, a quote or a description that can turn a sketch into a little story. I am Austrian so the captions can be in English or German - I hope you don't mind. ;-)

These are some of my recent attempts. If you like what you see It'd be lovely if you said 'Hi' at

Thanks for your time!

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  1. Hi ya Oliver,

    Welcome. I will look forward to your sketches.


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