Friday, August 26, 2011

Emeryville Marina Chevy's Sign at Sunset

Emeryville Marina Chevys Sign at Sunset, ink & watercolor
Emeryville Marina Chevy's Sign at Sunset
I noticed this palm tree-lined street when I was exiting Highway 80 in Emeryville and suggested it as a place for our Urban Sketchers group to meet. I guess the directions I provided to the spot weren't very good because everyone else went down to the end of the marina and I sketched alone until we met up at Chevy's at 8:30.

It's such a lovely spot, and yet so urban, within a couple blocks of two major freeways and the entrance to the Bay Bridge. Cathy's sketches of  the bay bridge and the freeway are just below this post.

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  1. Beautiful Jana! I love the playfulness of the drawing and great colors!


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