Friday, April 6, 2012

Industrial Antique Sketching at Automatic Response Systems

1950 Royal Typewriter  
 Automatic Response Systems is located in a Berkeley industrial-zone warehouse where they offer drive-in shredding service for boxes of paper, secrets on your hard drives, or anything in between. Their Willy-Wonka like equipment rolls your papers up a ramp, grinds them in a massive shredder and flies them away through huge see-through tubes. The warehouse is also home to an amazing collection of antique office and industrial equipment. 

Victorian Steam Powered Drill Press Circa 1900
This enormous drill press is about 8 feet tall and much more substantial than my sketch makes it look.

1840s French Depose Metal Sculpture
When we first arrived I warmed up by sketching this statue of a beautiful woman who, unlike in my sketch, did not look disapproving of my drawing. 

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  1. Nice sketch, it looks beautiful. thanks for sharing it.



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