Friday, May 11, 2012

The Amazing Albina Street Victorian

A corner of the Albina Street Victorian, ink & watercolor, 8×5″
(sketched in ink on site, watercolor added at home)
Have you ever stood in front of an amazing house and wished the owner would appear and invite you inside? We were so lucky last Tuesday night because that's exactly what happened. The new owner saw us sketching and invited us in for a full tour and made sure we were on the fourth floor roof deck to see the sunset. 

Please visit my blog, for the full story and cool links to photos of the interior and exterior of the house. Scroll down to see Micaela's and Cathy's wonderful sketches.


  1. I do that at the Octagon house!

  2. Nice sketch Jana! I visited your blog and it sounds like you had a great day!


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