Friday, May 3, 2013

Theatre of Dreams, Port Costa

Theatre of Dreams, dip pen an ink and watercolors, 9x12in.
I like Port Costa because time seems to be going slower there, maybe even backwards. The Theatre of Dreams is a cute store that opens only some hours on Saturdays. They sell dreamy things.


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    1. To all:
      Thanks for the comments! Port Costa is a very interesting place and it's worth many more visits.

  2. I'm just in awe of your sketch and your watercolor. Especially the clean white of the light strings and the spattering of blue ink over the whole is simply captivating. LOVE-ly!!!!

  3. Wonderful! So moody and characterful, like an old movie.

  4. Great sketch, excellent detail!, Port Costa is one of the Bay's hidden treasures. You just have to figure out when places are open, they are "unencumbered" by regular hours.


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