Sunday, May 31, 2020

We All Need A Map

During the Shelter at Home our sketch group has been meeting each week on Zoom. We have done portraits, learned new techniques, illustrated recipes, made mail art. We thought we might run out of ideas but we keep coming up with more! One week we drew maps. Maps of our daily walks, our route to the grocery store, dog walks, nature walks, so many different walks that we are all taking during this time!

 Alex Connor

 Carrie McClish

 Cathy Raingarden

 Cathy McAuliffe

 Vivian Aldridge

 Susan Wilson

 Susan Ford

Sonia Tamez

 Judith Heller
Micaela Marsden


  1. I am applauding you all! Can you hear? Truly wonderful, and each one so different. A lot of work went into these. Thank you for sharing.

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