Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet the Sketchers: Suhita

I am Suhita, a Graphic Designer, and an obsessive sketcher. I was born in, and spent my childhood and early adulthood in India, and now make my home in the South Bay Area in San Jose.

Sketching is my way of looking deeply at everything around me, and coming to know it well. Of letting a few lines and strokes express what I never could in words, of remembering and recording the world around me as I see it at that very moment.

Besides design and sketching, I paint the occasional mural and make handmade tile.

I blog my sketches at:


  1. Welcome Suhita! It's great to see your work. Wonderful!

  2. Thank you, I'm looking forward to meeting and sketching with you al sometime soon!


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