Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet the Sketchers: Nina Khashchina

I live in the heart of Silicon Valley and can bike or run to sketch some Google buildings or how Caltrain rushes by ;)
For the Urban Sketchers Blog Intro
I enjoy the process of discovering a face of an urban landscape - through drawing and painting and just quiet moments. And I sketch nature and how it survives in cities around the world and first of all right here - in the Bay Area.

It's almost impossible to catch me without a sketchbook and I draw everywhere: standing in line, in the park while my son unwinds after a day in preschool, taking a break form lunch, sometimes even waiting in traffic :)

My main tools are ink and watercolors, sometimes watercolor pencils. Oils and Acrylics are great for studio but too cumbersome for on the go - as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer AND a young mom I need to be ready to drop everything and run (literally)!

So I am on a quest to a simple set-up, always experimenting with some new pens, brushes, pigments, paper etc. Here are some of my sketching set-ups:
I just got a new little kit and hope to try it out this week and post some pictures ;)

I started book binding a couple of years ago too and enjoy it very much. The ability to choose your own paper, size, number of pages - and the fact that you create something with your hands make it very special for me. You can see some results here:

I work in my sketchbook daily. Small drawings or 10 pages - does not matter - I enjoy the continuity and flexibility, the rhythm. Sketchbook became an art form in itself for me.

I am honored to be a part of this blog and look forward to sharing my work here.

You can view more of my works at:


  1. I think it's almost one year that I am following your Ink- watercolor in Flickr . Your are great on both areas and I always enjoy them .
    With the best wishes ,

  2. Welcome Nina. Looking forward to your great sketches!!!!

  3. Welcome ( a little late)... I was away for a while. It' exciting to have another Silicon Valley-sketcher out there!


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