Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Meet the Sketchers: Susan Cornelis

Life mostly happens too fast to take it all in, except when I'm recording it, however quickly and simply with my pen and watercolor. Year ago I learned to pack up my book and materials and take them with me so that I could sketch anywhere, even while walking in a parade, watching a performance or sitting in a kayak. Drawing connects me with the sensory moment. I never forget those moments when with pen and watercolor I am focused on capturing the visual image, sounds, tidbits of conversation, weather, and random thoughts. Perched on my tiny portable stool with brow knit intently and pen and brush moving crazily, I become an actor in the play of the moment.
My art studio and home is in Sebastopol, the North Bay where I also teach art workshops. For years I taught watercoloring sketching before getting into experimental mixed media painting. Once again I am doing both now and loving the international culture of Urban Sketching where I have connected not just with Bay Area folks but sketchers worldwide. I have learned the thrill of sketching in even chaotic circumstances with moving subjects, weather discomfort and materials malfunctions. These lend a kind of spontaneity that appeals to my poetic soul!

My favorite subjects are people
and animals

                                                                 and places
and nature

I've been art-blogging for ten years now. I hope you'll visit my blog to see more sketches and website to find out about my upcoming sketch workshops. 

It's a pleasure to be a member of the SF Urban Sketchers where I have many friends already! Hope to be sketching with you soon!


  1. Your work is beautiful Susan, welcome aboard!

  2. I am so glad I got to meet you along the banks of Mission Creek in SF. I really like your style and look forward to your June workshop!

  3. Lovely and lively! I like your strong shapes and vibrant colors.

  4. Looking forward to sketching with you many times in the future.


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