Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Swan's Market in Oakland

We had lunch and some good sketching at Swan's Market in downtown Oakland. Swan’s Marketplace was a site of some prestige. Starting in 1917 for 60 years, the multiple buildings on the Swan’s block were among the most important shopping destinations in Oakland. Washington Street was the premier retail street in downtown, running a full 14 blocks from the waterfront to City Hall at Fourteenth Street. Swan’s Marketplace was its centerpiece. What used to be the Housewives Market, a fresh food marketplace made up of individual stalls is now filled with restaurants. The remaining food stalls are Taylor's Sausages and Sincere Seafood Company. I remember shopping at the Housewives Market and the stall that sold beans, rice and other bulk ingredients from open 50 and 100 pound bags.
—Cathy McAuliffe

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